How to Make an Ice Pack at Home

At some point in our lives we’ve injured ourselves, or maybe our child has and we need an ice pack to help reduce pain and swelling.  While a bag of ice cubes will work it can be quite difficult to put on our bony and uneven body parts because it doesn’t have the flexibility to mold around our joints, like the knees, ankles, and shoulders.

Possible reasons an ice pack would be needed include, but are not limited to:


  • an acute injury, such as, a sprained or rolled ankle
  • arthritis pain
  • overstretched muscle
  • overused joint (commonly seen with athletes such as baseball & softball pitchers)
  • Pain & inflammation, in general

Here is a great way to make an at home ice pack that can be used over and over again with the items you most likely have already at home.

What you need:

1.) Water

2.) Rubbing Alcohol

3.) Freezer Bag

4.) Measuring Cup

How to Make Your at Home Ice Pack:

Using a heavy duty freezer zip bag, combine water and rubbing alcohol in 1:1 parts. (50% water, 50% alcohol.) For a smaller ice pack, try a 1-2 Cups of each in a smaller freezer bag; for a larger ice pack consider 2-3 Cups of each in the large freezer bag.

Seal up the contents and place in freezer for a couple hours–remove when needed for a nice, cold and flexible ice pack!

Check out this quick video on how to make your at home ice pack!

As Always,

Be Good, Feel Good, Look Good!

-mamaletsdoit, In Laymen’s Terms


Mamaletsdoit, In Laymen's Terms

I recently quit my full time, well paid, Physical Therapy Assistant job to become a stay-at-home mom and raise my own FOUR children! I couldn't be happier about my decision. Now I want to still be able to provide others with my knowledge and help people understand basic ideas and gain exercise knowledge for a better, healthier, and physical lifestyle, this is why I have created "mamaletsdoit, In Laymen's Terms." Here you will find information about proper exercise techniques, theories behind exercises, stretching, etc. plus much more including strengthening your mind. Disclaimer: I am a licensed & certified professional and do have knowledgeable information to provide to you; HOWEVER, you should never apply or take this information in supplementation of your own physician, PT, or medical professional. Consult your physician before starting ANY type of exercise routine; never perform exercise that causes you pain.

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