7 Reasons to Drink Water

Our body’s are made up of roughly 60% water and our muscles are made up of nearly 80% water which is vital in their function.  Below you will find 7 reasons to drink water…

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1.) Boost Metabolism

Drinking water in the morning can indirectly boost metabolism, as the body tries to warm the water to body temperature (this gets more oxygen to the cells and helps to carry out more waste).

2.) Flush Toxins & Reduce Constipation

One thing I hear A LOT is “but then I have to pee…” Well yeah! Our bodies are meant to have to pee–GO TO THE BATHROOM THEN! This is a GOOD thing; the water is making its way through the body, into the kidneys and flushing out toxins.

It is also important to drink water after a massage as the muscle release toxins into your body after the beating they just took! Flushing your system with water can aid in their recovery.

Water also assists in reducing constipation as it hydrates the colon for a smoother passing of the stool.

On a side note–if you really do have trouble holding your bladder, doing some kegal exercises may help with bladder control!

3.) Improve Skin Integrity

When we are dehydrated our skin may show signs. Ever have excessively dry lips (maybe even in the summer), increase in dry skin, or a sudden breakout? These all could be indicators of not replenishing your body with enough H2O.

4.) Fight Fatigue

Just like our body needs food for fuel it also needs water for “fuel.” Not enough water during the day can leave your body feeling tired and fatigued. Our body is made up of  roughly 2/3’s water ….makes sense to replenish it with what it’s made of..

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5.) Lose weight

belly-body-clothes-diet-53528.jpgWhen you feel hungry, drink a glass of water because it may be that your body is telling you your thirsty and not actually hungry.

A study done with middle aged to older people ate 75-90 fewer calories when drinking two cups of water prior to eating (Webster, 2010).

Of course if your stomach is telling you to eat after drinking that glass of water, chances are you actually are hungry!

6.) Improve Muscle Recovery

Our muscles are made up of 80% water which is used when we exert them.  Our muscles need water to recover.

If you’ve ever had muscle cramps or “Charlie horses” it could be your muscles trying to tell you they need more water!

So after that great muscle workout, be sure to replenish them with that H2O to promote healing and recovery; may also reduce muscle soreness!

7.) Improve Focus

When we are feeling tired, or weak because we aren’t supplying our bodies with enough water, it is likely, focusing and accomplishing daily tasks can be hard!

Drinking enough water can help improve your focus by fighting fatigue!

How much Water Should I Drink?pexels-photo-279947.jpg

Every “body” is different and really depends on how active you are and how much water you intake from the foods you eat. Mayoclinic had a great article about water consumption recommendations.

So, if you’re having a hard time starting that new exercise program or trying to get motivated to food prep, try adding “drink more water” to your list first and see if it helps boost your energy and fight fatigue helping you reach your ultimate goals!

Making Water Intake Fun:

Sometimes getting a new water bottle helps motivate me to drink more H2O. This one was my favorite water bottle for a while, while I got mine from the local store, vs online- but it finally suffered it’s long use and the cap broke off…

Do be sure to get a water bottle with ounces listed on the sides, this way it’s easier to keep track of your water intake!

Another thing that helps is to fuse the water with fruits or veggies! They are natural added flavor that keeps drinking water interesting! (Plus a little treat to snack on as you reach bottoms up!) There are many cool bottles you can find online; although you can totally just add cut fruit or veggies directly into your water.

I’d love to hear how you get your water in for the day! What are the obstacles you face when trying to drink enough water through-out the day?

As Always,

Be good, Feel good, Look good!

-mamaletsdoit, In Laymen’s Terms


Keefer, A. (2017, October 3). LIVESTRONG.COM – Simple Healthy Living. Retrieved from http://livestrong.com

Webster, S. T. (2010, October 19). IDEA Health & Fitness Association. Retrieved from http://www.ideafit.com

Mamaletsdoit, In Laymen's Terms

I recently quit my full time, well paid, Physical Therapy Assistant job to become a stay-at-home mom and raise my own FOUR children! I couldn't be happier about my decision. Now I want to still be able to provide others with my knowledge and help people understand basic ideas and gain exercise knowledge for a better, healthier, and physical lifestyle, this is why I have created "mamaletsdoit, In Laymen's Terms." Here you will find information about proper exercise techniques, theories behind exercises, stretching, etc. plus much more including strengthening your mind. Disclaimer: I am a licensed & certified professional and do have knowledgeable information to provide to you; HOWEVER, you should never apply or take this information in supplementation of your own physician, PT, or medical professional. Consult your physician before starting ANY type of exercise routine; never perform exercise that causes you pain.

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