5 Ways to Positivity & Productivity

Ever find yourself in the depths of negativity?  Sitting in front of the T.V knowing you should be doing something useful, but instead telling yourself how lazy you feel, or are, just sulking in the misery you put yourself in?  What if I told you, YOU have the power to change it?

It wasn’t long ago, I was in that same “funk.”  Knowing there was a bazillion productive things I could be doing, but I just kept dwelling on how I didn’t “feel” like doing it, and how bad of a mom or person I was because I was “too lazy.”

Any of this sound familiar? Well, guess what—it won’t happen over night, and it WILL take practice…but YOU have the power to change your thoughts, change your habits and be a more positive and productive person!

5 Ways to Positivity & Productivity (and a little bonus thought–so read to the end!)

1.) Positive Self-Talk:


Stop speaking to yourself as if you are nothing, worthless, lazy, no good….because you ARE what you SAY you ARE!  Every time you find yourself thinking “I’m too lazy” replace it with “I will get that done today.”  When you say “I don’t feel like it,” change it to “just do it.”

Here are a few ways to make a habit of positive self talk:

  • Post sticky notes on your mirror, or TV–somewhere you look EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.  Have them say things like “You are Strong,”  “You are beautiful” “You are Productive.”  Make these notes say things that you WANT to be true.
  • Write down 5 affirmations about you or your life and repeat them 3-5 times in a row EVERY. SINGLE. MORNING.  SET AN ALARM ON YOUR PHONE (because lets be honest, it’s always with you) and that will trigger your brain to think those thoughts.
  • Read self-help books, blog posts, etc. The more you surround yourself with how you want to be, and learn, the more you train your brain.
  • Concentrate on the positive part of what you are trying to change, instead of the negative.  Change this “I need to lose 20 lbs” to this “I am going to feel so good after I lose weight!”
  • Surround yourself with positive sayings.  I like to have inspiring coffee mugs.  It is something I see every morning which helps start the day off right!

2.) Stop Caring About What Other People Will Think

Who gives a flying…you know what…what other people think.  This has taken me a while to really get into my head; but the moment I said to myself…I’m doing this for me and my family, and nobody else, is the moment I was set free.  There is nobody in this world holding YOU back besides YOU!

Here are a few ways to help let go of this thought:

  • Ask yourself, what is the worst thing that could happen.
  • Remind yourself WHY you do what you do
  • When you want to do something, and question your ability or you’re afraid of the “what if…” Ask yourself, “why the heck not?”

3.) Make a List of the 7 Most Important Things

pexels-photo-1093904.jpegMaking a list of the things you need to get done. One, it will help you remember what it is you need to do. Two, it will give you a “schedule” of what to do for the day; and three, it will allow you to SEE how productive you’ve been that day.

  • Each night (or morning) write down the 7 most important things you need (or want) to get done
  • Start with number one, and work your way through, crossing it off.
  • Don’t stop until you get the first task complete
  • Whatever you don’t finish that day, move it up the list and re-make your list for the following day.

4.) Stop Making Excuses

Making excuses just post-pones your work.  One excuse I hate (and trust me, I’ve tried using it too) is “I have no time.”  Of freakin’ course you have time!  Time is not the issue, it’s how much of a priority it is to you.  It was brought to my attention that for every time you tell yourself “I don’t have enough time” say “It’s not a priority in my life.”

Now read this:

  • I don’t have time to exercise– “Exercising is not a priority to me.”
  • I don’t have time to read to my kids–“Reading to my kids is not a priority to me.”
  • I don’t have time to go visit my friends—“Seeing my friends is not a priority to me.”

I know, some will read that and say “that’s crap.”  Well, sorry, but it’s not.  If you REALLY want something, I mean REALLY want something, you will make it happen, no ifs, ands or buts about it!  Seriously…


This one liner has totally changed my productivity level.  Whenever you are “feeling” un-interested, or un-motivited, repeat to yourself “JUST DO IT!.”  Nike had it right I guess! Trust me, I know it can be HARD when the laundry is overwhelmingly full, or the dishes are overflowing in the sink…but JUST DO IT!  Once you start, you keep going, and feel so much better and productive when it’s complete!

Every. Single. Time.

  • Don’t feel like exercising—“Just do it.”
  • Don’t feel like folding clothes–“Just do it.”
  • Don’t feel like making dinner–“Just do it.”

A little bonus for you….

People are watching you.  I know I said, who cares what everyone else thinks.  But the people that matter to you, like your kids…they are watching, they are learning, and they are being inspired (or un-inspired) by YOU.  Don’t be that person—be THAT person that you want your kids to be, that YOU look up to, that YOU truly want to be!

As I put my make-up on one morning, something that my oldest said to me when she was three that sticks with me until this day; “Mom, I want to be just like you when I grow up.”


And I laughed, because I didn’t like me very much, so I said “awe, remember you said that when you turn 13,” and shrugged it off like, no ya don’t.

At that time I was not proud of the person I was, so while I was super inspired by what she said, it made me want to set a better example and it haunted me every time I wasn’t living up to my own expectations (although she didn’t know any better).  I wanted to be that example for her, and the many “hers” to come (now four!) I knew I wanted her to always look up to me, and not realize what a nut I was when she started getting older.

So–Be YOU, Do YOU, never stop learning, never stop growing, it’s never too late to change your life!

We have the ability to rewire our brains to create new neural connections. So keep talking to yourself in a positive way, developing new habits as you go, for a better, more positive and productive life.

You are what you say you are.

Let me know if ANY of this helps you, if you do these things already, or tell me what you do already that helps you to stay positive and productive each day!

As Always,

Be Good. Feel Good. Look Good.


Mamaletsdoit, In Laymen's Terms

I recently quit my full time, well paid, Physical Therapy Assistant job to become a stay-at-home mom and raise my own FOUR children! I couldn't be happier about my decision. Now I want to still be able to provide others with my knowledge and help people understand basic ideas and gain exercise knowledge for a better, healthier, and physical lifestyle, this is why I have created "mamaletsdoit, In Laymen's Terms." Here you will find information about proper exercise techniques, theories behind exercises, stretching, etc. plus much more including strengthening your mind. Disclaimer: I am a licensed & certified professional and do have knowledgeable information to provide to you; HOWEVER, you should never apply or take this information in supplementation of your own physician, PT, or medical professional. Consult your physician before starting ANY type of exercise routine; never perform exercise that causes you pain.

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